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Very simply, a geothermal system is the most advanced, efficient, adaptable, and cost effective heating and cooling system in the world today.
A geothermal system uses the energy of the sun, stored in the earth, to keep you in comfort all year round. Even in the winter, when a blanket of snow may cover the ground, the earth's temperature is a constant 10 to 15 Degrees C (40-60 Degrees F) at only six feet below the surface, all year round. This means that you have a steady supply of heat to keep you in comfort, even in the depths of the coldest winter.

A geothermal closed loop system consists of a geothermal unit, installed in your house, which is attached to a series of pipes buried in the ground. An ethanol solution is circulated through the pipes to make them highly efficient conductors of heat. The ethanol in the pipes absorbs the heat from the ground and is pumped back into the geothermal unit in the house. The unit extracts the heat from the ethanol solution,then distributes the heat throughout the house.

In the summer, the whole process reverses itself. Heat is taken from the air in the house and transferred to the ground, which on warm days is cooler than the air.
Compared to traditional home heating systems, a geothermal system provides long-term home energy savings. Annual heating bills are anywhere from 50 to 80% lower, depending on the system that is replaced. Geothermal energy is not subject to rising costs or unpredictable price swings, and is not transported over long distances. It is always available, right beneath your feet!
In homeowner surveys, geothermal systems are routinely ranked as "more comfortable" than traditional gas, oil, or electric systems. Geothermal systems get rid of the humidity changes that traditional systems are prone to, as well as the occasional odour caused by combustion of fossil fuels.

Free or reduced-cost hot water
A geothermal system will heat your water 2 to 3 times more efficiently than a regular hot water tank.

Less Noise
Since the geothermal system also provides air conditioning, no noisy traditional outdoors unit is required.

Low maintenance
Cleaning the electrostatic filter once a month is all that's needed to keep the system in good running order. Geothermal systems have no flame, no chimney, and no danger of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning. No more worrying about deadly natural gas explosions.

Long life
Geothermal units have a life expectancy of 20-25 years.
Installing a geothermal system to replace a fossil fuel system immediately cuts your personal emissions contribution by 50%, or the equivalent of taking two cars off the road.
Geothermal energy has a very promising future. The cost-efficiency of geothermal energy will continue to improve as geothermal technology is upgraded and as fossil fuel prices continue to rise.